Is there a way to automated rebuild frequently re-ordered products via SMS?

  • 17 August 2023
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I’m trying to find a solution to help improve the ordering process for a simple product that is a commodity and customers often re-order it. 

I’d like to promote something like ‘Text ‘GAS’ to 0411 123 456’ then trigger an automation based on that keyword that checks or collects the customer’s details, creates a unique checkout link and sends it to them to place an order. 

So for instance, the flow would work something like

  1. Does customer have existing order? (this would mean we have their details)
    1. Yes they do > ‘Thanks for your request {First Name}, just checking the below details are still the correct ones:

      Reply Y to confirm or N to update’
    2. No they don’t > ‘We can get your gas order organised straight away! Firstly, can you confirm you ‘Full Name’ for us?’ (Customer replies to series of questions getting the required information, confirms information one more time before proceeding)
  2. ‘How many cylinders would you like to order?’ 
    1. Customer replies
  3. ‘Great! Just tap the link below to pay for and complete your order’  Based on quantity reply, customer is sent link to checkout with variable of product quantity. 

Is something like this even possible in the Klaviyo flows? 


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Hi there @DanP


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


While we can’t accomplish this in the exact way you want, we can accomplish something similar in our Replenishment flows!  In your replenishment flow, you can create a trigger filter for the specific product customers often reorder and add a product block to pull this certain commodity in your flow email that will link back to the product on your website, encouraging this repeat purchase. We even have an article showing you how to incorporate SMS in your replenishment flow!  


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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley, I was hoping to try and make it as seemless as possible for people to purchase rather than having them go back to the product page or at minimum have it as a ‘1-click’ checkout where they just enter their payment info. Because it’s such a basic product that doesn’t have much price difference between providers, one of the things we’re trying to do to stand out is make the purchasing process as easy as possible. Do you know if it’s possible or if there are any plans to integrate with some of the payment options for shopify such as ‘Shop Pay’ and receive events such as if they have an account etc? So then we could at least direct them back to purchase via their preferred payment method.  

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@DanP are you using Shopify?

If so there are a lot of variables you can use in a link to, 1 add a product to the cart, go to checkout, prefill the client information in the checkout etc. I've done this in the past but it cost me a lot of time to do but from this I do know with some searching online you would be able to get a workable link that adds a product to checkout etc.

Some interesting links to check:

I hope this helps

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