Thanks for making 2022 an incredible year in the Community!

  • 27 December 2022
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Thanks for making 2022 an incredible year in the Community!
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Hello Community! 


In the spirit of gift giving and commemorating the year before a new one begins, we’d like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for making this Community the collaborative and inspiration platform it is! We want to take a moment and personally thank those of you who contributed so much to the Community this year before 2023 arrives. 



:gift: Giving the Gift of Curiosity: :gift:


These users added value to the Community by asking the most questions, allowing others, who might need similar answers, a way to gain knowledge by viewing their posts!


  • @sarah.g

  • @Vbeebs

  • @armedandgorgeous

  • @Nick_rackattack 

  • @lex_zap 



:gift:  Giving the Gift of Product Knowledge: :gift:


Thank you to these users who offered the most responses in the Community and shared their product knowledge or needed advice with their peers! 


  • @Jakub 

  • @Akers Digital 

  • @ayyub_here  

  • @KeviSunshine

  • @Edgar Emmanuel 

  • @KatherineB

  • @MNgo

  • @Kwei 

  • @dartacus 

  • @Lucia937 

  • @Daniel F13 

  • @doanthan



:gift: Giving the Gift of Problem Solving: :gift:


These users not only offered support to users looking for help, but also solved the most questions and gave their peers exactly what they needed to find a solution!


  • @retention

  • @Mailbox Manny 

  • @Omar 

  • @Bobi N. 

  • @In the Inbox 

  • @Spark Bridge Digital LLC 

  • @Akers Digital

  • @Jakub 

  • @KatherineB 

  •  @KeviSunshine

  •  @Edgar Emmanuel 

  • @JNorm 

  • @sofijap

  • @tieu 

  • @BrownieDev 


Check out some of these responses below to see if you get mentioned!  


:gift: Giving the Gift of Affirmation: :gift:

These users received the most likes all year in the Community! It’s nice to know that people like what you have to say! 


  • @chelsgrove 

  • @mat.bingham 

  • @Dragos 

  • @inboxingmaestro

  • @jimk

  • @paltobufyo 

  • @kimmia 

  • @GrantDeken 

  • @GVaughan 

  • @ebusiness pros 



Have a Happy New Year From the team! 🎊

-Chloe, Taylor, David, Dov, Stephen, Alex, and Brian



🔊 We would love to hear what this space has meant to YOU this past year. Let us know how you and your business have grown since participating in our Community! Thread your reflections below! 🖊




9 replies

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Love it, thanks for the roundup @Taylor Tarpley!

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It’s fun to see how everyone interacts differently in the community!

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Huge shoutout to all our Community members! Looking forward to 2023 to see what the year brings! 

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Grateful to be a part of this Community!

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Hi @ayyub_here, @Jakub@KeviSunshine@Edgar Emmanuel​​, @KatherineB, and @Nick_rackattack 


As some of our most engaged users this year would love to hear your thoughts what the Community has mean to you the past year! 💥🎉



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To quote Henry Ford: “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. I truly believe that our community helps everyone move forward together through idea sharing, discovery and problem solving.

More of this to come in 2023!

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I'm super impressed by what updates and tools and constantly being added to Klaviyo. The community here is always super responsive to my, sometimes odd, questions, and they are open to suggestions and ideas. Love it!

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Thanks for the shoutout, its great to be part of Klaviyo community. Looking forward with excitement to everything that will unfold in 2023!

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Love being part of this community! So helpful, especially for out of the box thinking or ideas. Always improving, striving to be better - so many great people here.