Welcome our '23 Community Champions Cohort!

Welcome our '23 Community Champions Cohort!
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Hello Community, 


I come with exciting news! We’d like to formally introduce you to our 2023 Community Champions! 🏆


These partners have displayed an immense aptitude for teaching their peers and expertise in our platform! Our ‘23 Champions are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you all to make our Community a more inclusive and educational place! 


We have a mix of old and new Champions making up our ‘23 cohort, so please welcome these 14 Champions and make sure to check out their profiles to get to know them better! 


  • Peyton Fox // @Spark Bridge Digital LLC 
  • Tim Akers // @Akers Digital 
  • Chelsea Grove // @chelsgrove 
  • Joe Hsieh // @retention 
  • Bobi Nikolovski // @Bobi N. 
  • Bryan Richey // @In the Inbox 
  • Omar Lovert // @Omar 
  • Kylie Williams // @Kylie W 
  • Ashley Ismailovski //  @Ashley I.  
  • Brett Bernstein a.ka. @Brett_Gatsby 
  • Mohsin Farooqui // @inboxingmaestro 
  • Katherine Burlock // @KatherineB 
  • Jakub Borowiecki // @Jakub 
  • Gabrielle Pitman // @ebusiness pros  


For more information on our exclusive, Champions program and how they serve the Community, check out our FAQ below! 


We look forward to another amazing year in the Community with the help of our ‘23 Champions.


Please thread your congratulations below or share how these Champions have already offered their support or expertise to you in the Community! 🚀

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Hooray!! Congratulations, and excited to work with you all this year!

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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley 

Hello all! I am excited to be a part of this cohort and I am looking forward to helping Klaviyo users get the most out of the platform and collaborating with all Champions!

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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley 

Hey guys, really excited to be a part of this cohort. Looking forward to collaborate with you, bring value and helping the community to my best level!

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Thanks, @Taylor Tarpley !

Very excited to be joining the cohort this year. Can’t wait to collaborate with you and my fellow Champions to continue making the Community an awesome place to learn & grow!

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Thanks for having me back! 💕 Love helping the Community and can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store!

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Thank you @Taylor Tarpley 

Really excited to be joining the 23’ Cohort and looking forward to the all the energy and excitement in the Community and collaborating with everyone 😊

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Thanks Klaviyo team! You all built an incredible product. Through our Gatsby / Klaviyo integration, I’ve picked up a ton of Klaviyo knowledge along the way and I’m excited to share it with the community. I’ll be keeping an eye on open questions, but if anyone needs help or wants to bounce ideas around, hit me up.

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Hey y’all! Super excited to be part of this new Champions Cohort. 🤗 Here’s to some great new ideas and stories to be shared this year… 

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Pumped to be part of the Champions program for another year!

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Thank you @Taylor Tarpley 

Nice to met all the 2023 Champions! Excited to be part of this great group and community 😎