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  • 20 July 2021
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I know that in the text of an email I need to use {% manage_preferences %} to link to the preferences page, but I also want to create an image that my customers can click to manage their preferences (I’m sending them a specific email about managing their preferences). I don’t want to use a custom preferences page, and just want to send them to the one built in Klaviyo. However, I can’t figure out what URL to direct them to to make this possible?


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4 replies

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Answered my own question, but leaving it here in case anyone else has the same one. The code to embed this is:  <a href="{% manage_preferences_link %}">

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Hello @aereid,

So glad you were able to find your own answer! Also highly appreciate you providing the solution! I’m sure this will help other Community members who were curious as well!

For those other members following along, Klaviyo also offers the Template Tags and Variable Syntax which providers other options of these syntaxes you can use to direct recipients to their Manage Preference page, their Unsubscribe page, etc. 

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community member and have a great day!




Hello, I would like to link to the preferences page from our newsletter sign up success page on our website, what URL should I use in that case?



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Hey @Ivanna Matsyupa,

The URLs used to access the Manage Preference and the Unsubscribe page are actually uniquely generated for each of your email recipients. For this reason, it wouldn’t be possible to generate a sharable link for anyone to access them.

A common and simple work around to this would be using a signup form which would act similarly to that of the Manage Preference page. By linking to a signup form such as an embedded form on your site, this will allow users to enter their email and select the preferences they want which would apply these updated custom profile properties; similar to how the default Manage Preference page operates. 

The only difference with using a signup form is that it wouldn’t offer the option for your users to unsubscribe. This can be remedied however by using a custom/legacy signup form where you’ve self coded the functionality for your users to unsubscribe in addition to options of collecting their preferences. 

I believe taking a look at both our Guide to Properties and About Custom Properties Help Center articles would help in understanding how preferences are managed. You can also find more details of coding and using your own custom/legacy signup form from the Legacy Signup Forms vs. Built-In Signup Forms article too!