Will revenue attribution appear right away, or after the 5 day period?

  • 12 July 2021
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Hi all,


Should revenue attributed to email flows being appearing in klaviyo right away, or is it only counted once the 5 day conversion period has passed? 

The reason I’m asking is I now have a few flows live etc, and there have been quite a few orders placed after receiving abandoned cart emails, such as below (although the screenshot doesnt show “clicked email” there have been a few) - but no flows has been live for over 5 days yet. 

I thought since everything else is reporting so quickly, it would seem like revenue would too. Thanks!




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3 replies

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@wernstrom - From my experience, revenue starts to be recognized within an hour or two after a campaign is sent - and of course up to and until your conversion window that you’ve defined in your Klaviyo Email Settings (typically 5 days as you mentioned). 

Unless there are some inventory concerns or some immediate response based on results that are necessary, I generally look at the revenue results the next morning or the following day to give people ample time to take action and evaluate how well the campaign performs.  Obviously, nothing is settled until the attribution window is over.

Quick tip - There is a neat feature in the Campaign results that lets you “Watch Live” of your preferred event (Placed Order) on a World Map that I know has a “Realtime” option if you are monitoring a Campaign’s ongoing performance.  I have this on the second screen and it’s kind of fun to watch after a Campaign is sent!

See here:

Watching Live on a Map


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Thanks @retention, I’m looking forward to checking out that realtime feature once I’m sending at a larger volume for sure!

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@wernstrom After re-reading your question, I realized you were talking about Flow Messages as opposed to Campaigns!  The same applies, except obviously Flow Messages are typically ongoing so there’s not time in the future when all revenue attribution for the Flow Message will end unless the Flow Message becomes inactive.