Exiting the abandon cart flow

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Hey all! Should i be adding anything to get them to exit the flow after they've purchased from the first email? The conditional split i currently have it just to separate new and returning customers. but i need to know if i should have an exit for them after the first email or not or will they automatically exit the flow



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Hey @Grego 

Another great question!

If you want to make sure your customers exit the flow if they have made a purchase after the first email, you can add a conditional split like this: 

With the inclusion of “since starting this flow” it will evaluate if they have made a purchase from the time they entered the flow (and therefore received your first email). Hope this helps!

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Am i correct to say the

1: Red arrow needs no change

2: The first green arrow after “1 day” should have the split you mentioned

2: The lower green arrow doesn't need the “over all time” as they have already passed through that part of the flow and it should rather be changed to “since starting this flow?”

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You should set a Flow filter that 'someone has placed an order Zero times since starting this flow.' Klaviyo checks the filters before every email send. If they purchase after email 1, they won't get email 2. And so on. 

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@stephen.trumble  Hey there Stephen, hows this looking? the screenshots i mean


and @BaraSerry thanks for the reply! however i need assistance based on my screenshot as i already have the beginning of the flow set that way but im wondering about the other parts of the flow