Why do my campaign URLs say ""?

  • 11 November 2020
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In a Campaign, we include external links different from our domain for webinars. When a recipient receives the email these urls are different! It seems like a redirection.

For example, we insert urls like… and we receive email with urls like…

Do you know why it happens that? It causes an issue as these campaigns are blocked from many recipients’ email service. 



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Hi @kate kos

Thanks for being a part of our Community and sharing this great question on campaigns and web tracking!

Klaviyo automatically tracks conversions for each campaign and flow sent, which allows you to analyze the performance of your owned marketing channels. You can check out more details on what conversion tracking entails with this article.

The domain is our shared click tracking domain. All accounts that has click tracking enabled will have email URLs wrapped by this domain. This is used to track the URL clickthrough on the email and attribute it back to a campaign or flow analytics.

If you’d like your click tracking to be more on brand instead of showing in your email links. or if you want to make sure your URLs are not getting called out by ad-block/privacy applications, I’d recommend setting up a dedicated click tracking domain. You can learn more details about this here, and there are also instructions on how to validate the records with our team.