How to replicate Klaviyo Revenue (Flow and Campaigns) using the Events table?

  • 24 January 2023
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Hey everyone!

So I’ve been trying to replicate what I see on the klaviyo’s dashboards to our local dashboard tool. We have a connection with the Klaviyo API and everything seems to be working fine.

However, I’m facing difficulties when matching the values I see on Klaviyo and and the ones we get from the API.

From Klavyio we get this “event” JSON file, and there we identify if the purchase was a Flow or Campaign due to “attributtion” fied. However, when I sum up to a specific date, the number are always pretty different (5 - 20%) different. 


Did anyone has ever face that?


Thank you very much!


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@giovannigg I've not yet done this and I wouldn't be able to help out besides adding the fact that attribution in Klaviyo is given to the last email sent before a purchase within the atribution timeframe set in settings.

Not sure if it's relevant or useful.


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