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I’ve seen this last post about sub-domain conversion tracking. Which refers to passing in the url of the subdomain the kx parameter with the exchange_id. 

I have implemented it on my website (custom integration), and I have now two questions. 

  • Is this solution still the most viable way to track checkout conversion on a subdomain ? Looks working for already identified users but still a bit a black-box solution..
  • It doesn’t look working for brand new users (organic or ads driven for example) as I’m not seeing any exchange_id available on these new visitors looks like the link will be unlikely possible. Any way to do it more properly ? 

Thanks a lot

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Hi @alxpereira,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I’m glad to hear you’ve got this up and running on your site. Yes, at this time this is the most viable solution - the exchange ID can only be accessed for users who have previously clicked through a Klaviyo email. This is because the kx paramater is only appended to your URL when a user clicks through a Klaviyo email and then ends up browsing your website.  We have a guide that speaks to Klaviyo web tracking and the kx parameter here too for more information.

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Ok @Dov thanks for your prompt reply.

So my question is : how can we properly track original referrer in subdomain? 
This fixing only leads from klaviyo.
My big issue is that Klaviyo considers my root domain as referrer for all my new visitors and so it’s impossible to properly track what is the original  source of my conversion on my checkout subdomain.