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  • 6 March 2022
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So I am using Loox for reviews on my Shopify store, can I use Loox to import the reviews to my email using Klaviyo as well, and if so how?


Any help would be appreciated!




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Hi there @dhruv1707,

Thanks for reaching out!

The Loox integration is not a Klaviyo native integration unfortunately but rather offered and developed by the Loox development team.
Based on Loox's documentation, it looks like their integration only sends one event to Klaviyo when someone submits a review.  You should be able to filter on these data points that they mentioned in their document:

  • Rating - Star rating (1-5)
  • Photo Included - “Yes” if the reviewer attached a photo. “No” otherwise
  • Author - The reviewer’s name
  • Product Title - The name of the product
  • Product URL - The URL location of the product
  • Product Id - Shopify Product ID
  • Order Id - Shopify Order Id

In order to filter on these, you'd need to trigger filters or trigger splits in your flow (About Flow Triggers and FiltersHow to Add a Trigger Split to a Flow).  This will allow you to send different emails based on their ratings and other criteria.  
Please note that there is limited troubleshooting that can be done for third party developed integration as Klaviyo has no information on how the integration was developed. I would highly suggest reaching out to Loox team on further troubleshooting as the team has best knowledge on how the integration works. Here is a link to Loox contact us page.


All the best,


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Okay, so basically using Loox, only one email of “Thanks for the review” can be sent?



Hello, I am using Loox for collect reviews on my Shopify store too. I'm looking for a way to display the content of 5* reviews in our template. Is it possible to do this? I will be very grateful for all the replies!


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Hi @duyen1616!


The Loox integration is actually not managed by Klaviyo, but was created and is supported by Loox - so I would suggest reaching out to their support, as they will have more context and resources available to answer this question.

I found their support email, here:

I hope this helps!