Octane AI + Klaviyo: Creating Segments from Quiz Answers

  • 30 April 2024
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I have been following numerous how-to’s on both Klaviyo and Octane about how to create a segment based on answers given on an Octane quiz. Klaviyo and Octane are both connected and I have entered the correct properties. For some reason, only a very small portion of emails are being added to the segment but when I download a .CSV file for profiles that fit this property, I can see there are a lot more people who match this property.

What might I not be doing correctly to make sure everyone with this property is added to my segment. I have attached screenshots.




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Hi @Wes!


I’ll check on this internally and update the thread ASAP!

- Brian


Hey @Brian Turcotte 

I have figured out the issue since I posted this question...although I can see a lot of people have answered this question on the quiz and match the properties, only a small few have entered their email. I think only people who entered their email have been added to thr segment I have set up.

I do have an additional question though....if I set up a flow to trigger for people who match these conditions, will the flow only be sent to people who have entered their email on the quiz?


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Hi @Wes 

Glad you solved your issue.

Jumping in here for @Brian Turcotte.

If a contact completes your survey and provides their email, a Klaviyo profile with their survey responses is created.

If a contact who completes your survey doesn’t submit their email, but they have been cookied by Klaviyo previously - this usually means they’ve submitted their email via a form or checkout, or clicked a link in a Klaviyo email or SMS - their survey responses will be added to their existing profile. That assumes they’ve completed the survey from a cookied device and are not browsing incognito.

If they’ve never provided their email, then campaigns and flows cannot be sent to them.

With surveys (I also use Octane AI), I include a discount offer on the optional step that requests their email. If you don’t already do this, it would increase your email subscriptions from the survey.

Hope that helps



Hi @bluesnapper,

Thanks for this! This explains it so clearly.

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No problem @Wes happy to have helped.

Have a great weekend when you get to it!