Recap Video: Klaviyo Product Event Feature Walkthrough

  • 27 October 2021
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Recap Video: Klaviyo Product Event Feature Walkthrough
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Thanks for your interest in our Post - Klaviyo Product Event Feature Walkthrough. Whether you were able to attend or not, you can find additional resources below. We’ll also link the recording of the session in the comments section below.

I was joined by two amazing Klaviyo Product Managers, Hansen Liang and Corrine Lin, and we discussed the following new features:

Thank you! And please thread your ideas, comments, suggestions and questions.

Don’t forget to follow the Customer Education team (@klaviyogrowth) on our social channels to be notified of all upcoming events! 







 :green_heart: Chanel

6 replies

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Hi everyone! It was great “chatting” with you all today and walking through the new features. I’m Hansen, Product Manager for our Onsite Team. If you have any thoughts / feedback / suggestions for signup forms, I’d love to hear them! 


The more specific you can be about what problem we can help you solve, the better. I’m also open to hopping on a Zoom sometime to discuss -- before or after BFCM at your convenience. 

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Hi all! Here is the recording of the event. Let us know if you have any questions! 


Hi, everyone!!!

Thanks so much for joining us today! Hearing your feedback and experience is always so valuable, so if anyone has thoughts to share or specific questions on anything related to creating email content in general, or the template editor specifically, please don’t hesitate to reach out!




Hello everyone! 

Is someone experiencing any trouble with the product blocks in the new template editor?

I can insert the block with static products but when I try to insert a dynamic one I cannot see my data feeds. 

Also when I send previews I cannot see the products in my emails. 

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong. 

Hope someone has any insight. :grinning:

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Good to see some solid improvements! Although I think Showcase section contains some really questionable emails, the update makes it easier to develop emails, that’s for sure.

Are there any plans around introducing landing pages for Klaviyo as a way to gather new subscribers? 

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Hey @Almudena 

Thank you so much for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help with the new template editor!!

This is hard to answer what may be the problem with dynamic product blocks without knowing what type of email your are sending. Are you using placed order metric or something else to trigger a flow? Something that happens often is people try to use product blocks from Abandoned Cart flow in another flow started with different metric which is not “Started Checkout” and then they are confused why the block doesn’t work for them. Klaviyo event data code snippets are different for different metrics so you want to make sure that your flow is triggered by the right metric and it is using the dynamic codes for that specific metric. 

Are you creating order confirmation emails in your post-purchase flow? These are considered transactional emails and depending on your integration will require specific dynamic tags to pull the appropriate event data . If you are using Shopify you can use Klaviyo’s pre-built Shopify Notification Templates and export them into Shopify to use. The dynamic tags will not work in the preview until you have imported the template into Shopify. Check out these other Community Post about using transactional emails in different integrations

Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!