How do I see my total number of email unsubscribers?

  • 11 October 2022
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Hey! I am trying to find the number of unsubscribers for the month of September. Do I create a list? Or is there an easier way to see this?


Thank you!


Best answer by Jmclellan 11 October 2022, 18:53

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It depends on if you’re trying to pull total unsubscribes for all of your subscribers or those from your active lists/segments. 

If it’s the former, you’d want to go to your master list that contains all of your subscribers and pull the List Growth Report, which will show total subscribes and unsubscribes by source over a given time period - in this case, for the month of September. 

If you’re trying to find unsubscribes from your active subscribers in a segment, it’s a bit trickier - the way I’ve been pulling those numbers has been going to the latest send to the largest segment of active subscribers in a month and comparing the total recipients from that segment to the last send from the previous month for a rough count.

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Hey @Jmclellan  thanks so much for the reply. I am just a little confused. What do you mean by “total unsubscribes for all of your subscribers” and “unsubscribes from your active subscribers in a segment”. My brain is trying to wrap it’s head around it but I just need a little more clarity.


What I want to be able to do is just see how many people total unsubscribed from my emails or flows in September. (idk if that makes it any clearer) Looking forward to your response!