Shopify Integration A/B Test for Send Time

  • 12 October 2021
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We have used the Shopify integration for conversion data. Was wondering if it was possible to see conversions by email when doing A/B testing under the same campaign. I can see conversions for the total campaign, but am looking for conversions by send time. (the A/B test variable)


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Hey @BerkFI - I assume you’re using the Klaviyo Campaign A/B testing (by Send Time Groups)?  If so, you can look at your Campaign Details → A/B Test Results tab and it will show you the results of your A/B test similar to this:

In your version however, it should show the A/B results broken down by the Send Time groups. Here’s some more information about analyzing your Campaign A/B Test Results:


Also, as a bonus, you may want to take a look at Klaviyo’s Smart Send Time Optimization Tests.  This lets Klaviyo send emails across a broader range of time to help you determine the best time for a given audience.  Here’s some info about that as well:

Hope this helps!