Community’s New Look

  • 1 February 2022
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Community’s New Look

Hello Klaviyo Community!

Here at Klaviyo, one of our values is to always put the customer first. With that, we are thrilled to announce some exciting changes we’ve made to the Community homepage, including: 

-No more Introduction bar! Introduce yourself to your fellow community members in our welcome thread! We’d love to learn more about you.

-No more “Tags” or “Recently Solved topics” sections! Search for a topic of interest using the main search bar or the Categories section.

*Did you know searching using the main search bar from the Community homepage will generate search results from our Help Center, Academy & Community topics?


-No more quick links at the top of the page! Why? All threads in Community can be accessed quickly and precisely using our Categories section! Use Categories to easily navigate through the Community, or simply search for your question in the main search bar. 


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for or in need or further strategic guidance? Look no further! We now provide a direct link to the Partner Directory where you can connect with another industry expert. You can now access the Partner Directory directly from the bottom of the Community homepage.


We also made some minor changes to certain text and added some coloring and shadowing (tell us if you’re able to spot what text and coloring we changed ;))

We’re hopeful these changes improve your experience using the Community homepage. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, we’re always open to feedback and suggestions.


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