Klaviyo Product Event

  • 23 June 2022
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Klaviyo Product Event
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We have two major announcements that will empower all brands, big and small, to use their data to drive sales, build customer connections and loyalty, and reimagine what it means to achieve personalization at scale. We have a summary of the updates below. You can learn about all of the details in the blog. 


Klaviyo One: an enterprise-grade platform to meet the complex needs of your business


Klaviyo One is a new tier of Klaviyo, built specifically for larger brands with features that allow for more collaboration between internal stakeholders and a significantly improved way to work with our experts. 

With Klaviyo One, you’ll have access to:  

  • Industry-leading security, compliance, governance, and reliability

  • A support team that guarantees your success—so you don’t have to go it alone

  • Advanced segmentation and personalization—at scale

  • An ecosystem of partners who do the heavy lifting for you


A CDP with direct API access that delivers more flexibility and extensibility

Soon, we’re making the database that powers Klaviyo’s segmentation and automation engines a standalone product. You’ll have direct API access to profiles within Klaviyo, allowing you to query a profile’s real-time event stream quickly—for unlimited marketing (e.g. website content personalization) and non-marketing (e.g. routing support tickets based on customer activity) use cases.

Klaviyo’s CDP will also provide you with more tools to ingest, store, and activate all your customer data at scale, with new ways to import bulk amounts of data and expanded webhook functionality.

Join the waitlist for our standalone CDP today


❓Let us know what you think about these updates in the thread so we can share your feedback!

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