Please Welcome, the Klaviyo Industry User Groups! 👋

  • 26 September 2022
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Please Welcome, the Klaviyo Industry User Groups! 👋
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Hello Community members, 

One of our large initiatives this year in 2022 was to provide more opportunities for you to collaborate and network with your peers.

Earlier this year, we launched our first public user group - the Developer group. This group focuses on allowing developers to discuss projects and gather inspiration from each other on what is possible through our Klaviyo API. 

After the success of our first user group, we’re expanding beyond the developer experience to offer more personalized and curated content to guide and inspire you.

Starting today, joining our Developer group will be our three new industry specific groups:

This is all thanks to the insightful feedback, comments, and poll responses we received from everyone earlier in the year from the What’s the deal with Groups? post! It’s no surprise that these groups are the first of many that will be joining our Community groups. 

Is your business in one of these three industries or do you support clients in this industry? If so, you can join the group by clicking the Join Group button in our Groups section found in the top navigation bar.

Keep a lookout for more public user groups in the future!


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