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  • 16 August 2023
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Hello everyone. Im having a problem Ive never had with any other store. I cannot change or find how to change this third pop up window. Please help! How do I change this last one?



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5 replies

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Hi @MariaPortman


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Do you mind providing some additional information to help me better troubleshoot this with you?


For instance:

  • are you seeing this issue in the backend of your site vs live on your website?
  • When you say third pop up window, do you mean that there are three popup forms on top of each other? I’m having trouble seeing the other two forms that this third form, featuring the cart, is covering.
  • Do you mind sharing a screenshot of what all 3 of these forms look like interacting on a screenshot of your customer-facing website?


This will help me investigation to help you find a solution!

Thanks for participating in the Community!



Thank you for your response.Yes first tab is teaser, then email, then sms sign up, and then + create a tab. 

However on my website after signing up for email and sms it shows a success tab that Im unable to edit.


there is no “success” tab to change that 3d image in the pop up

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@MariaPortman that's interesting and I also a big issue if you'd like to change things.

Is this the only popup you have live? (could there be another one?)

If not I would also suggest opening this same page on a laptop/pc with a bigger screen. It seems like things get hidden because of your screen size, it might be that this is a UI issue on Klaviyo side. Not sure but worth checking because if it's the only popup, it should be visible.

Please let us know! 


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Hi @MariaPortman


As Omar stated above, I think this is an issue of your screen. It seems haven’t scrolled all the way over to the right to see the Success tab in your form builder, which is definitely has the ability to be edited! 


Hope this helps!