Why wont my checkout pop up work but my cart will?

  • 8 June 2022
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Hi so ive put an exit pop up on my checkout and cart pages to entice people with 10% off if they checkout now. on my cart page everything is great and working. however on my checkout page it just does not seem to want to play ball. I’ve done exactly the same thing with both, ive used exit intent for urls containing /cart* and /checkout*. ive tried to add both urls to one pop up and even tried them as separate pop ups. cart always works (yay!) checkout never works (boo!). I’m stumped, is it that klayvio cant access the checkout page or something like this? 


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Hey @armedandgorgeous 

Thank you for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with your exit intent pop up form. Some integrations do not allow for pop up forms on the checkout page or the snippet needs to be added manually to the store. What integration are you using? I know there have been a few members who use WooCommerce who have faced similar issues. Here is another community post answered by @David To that addresses the same issue. 

Please read what was shared in the post, as i have a suspicion that it might be the same thing you are experiencing on your site! Hope this helps and thank you so much  for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hi @armedandgorgeous,

Are you on Shopify by any chance? The most obvious reason would be that klaviyo scripts are not loaded in the checkout pages. Depending if you have Shopify plus you should be able to add this.

Also check:

and this article:


As for offering 10% discount in the checkout I'm still trying to understand if that just does not cut you margin. People in the  checkout generally already were prepared to order (at full cost). Running a (hotjar) poll trying to understand why people are not finishing their order might be a helpful here if you're having issues that people are not ordering.


Hope it helps


Omar Lovert

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Thanks for your answers guys. To clarify I am on woocommerce. I read the post you shared stephen but it looks like it relates to the setting up of pop ups, which I am pretty adept at doing. I think youre right about it not working on checkout, is there any way I can get around this? 


As for your reply Omar, i agree that 10% is far from ideal but surely if they are not willing to buy then the likelihood of them filling out a poll is low? That being said this is something I will look into because it could be interesting.