Sending SMS to UK with a Twilio sending number

  • 19 July 2021
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Hello all,


Will I be able to send SMS to numbers outside US and UK by using Twilio as a Sender number?


Thanks in advance


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6 replies

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Hi @spyroslina2 !


Thanks for your question in the Community and I hope to provide some insight!

Unfortunately, at this time, SMS is only available for use in the US and Canada. We will be rolling this out to new countries in the coming months, though we don't have an exact timeline for each country yet. When SMS is available in the UK and other countries, we’ll be sure to update this thread so other community members following along will know of the updates and changes as well!

If you wanted to use Twilio as the sending number, I would suggest reading our documentation on how to port your Twilio number into Klaviyo. However, this would still not allow for it to send to the UK + other countries yet unfortunately.


Let me know if you have further questions and thanks for being a part of the Community!



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Thanks for your answer.

Is there a chance to create an event as a part of a step of a flow?


Thanks in advance

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 No problem @spyroslina2 glad I could help!

To answer this question, you cannot create an event or metric from a flow. However, you can have a contact tagged with a profile property by using a flow. By having an action to update profile properties in a flow, you can create, edit, or remove a variety of properties of a contact. For example, there could be a gender added to contacts who go through a certain flow and from there you could create segments based on the gender profile properties you have added to the contacts!


Hope this helped and have a good day!


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Thanks for the reply.


Actually, creating segments from profile properties suites me.

But I was curious if I can update profile properties using other profile variables. Something like {{person.first_name}}.


Thanks in advance,


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Hey @spyroslina2,

Great question!

When updating profile properties, you would not be able to use dynamic data. You would only be able to update profile properties with static values. 

@retention elaborated on this case with a great alternative workaround in the following Community post:

Have a great day!


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Hi @spyroslina2,


I’m excited to circle back to your original question and update the answer: yes! You are now able to send messages to UK!

As of today, Klaviyo has officially launched our new feature of enabling SMS to the United Kingdom. You can now port your Twilio number into Klaviyo as previously requested! For more information about SMS in the UK, here is a Help Center Article, Alphanumeric Numbers (UK Only), that might be helpful for you.


Feel free to watch our video including all the other incredible features that dropped today! You won’t want to miss out! 


Hope this helps! Thanks for being a Community member!