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  • 11 April 2022
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Hi. My question is, I’m paying about $100 for my list of contacts, problem is I’m currently not using that list at the moment, if I stop paying will I completely lose my list? Is there a pause of some kind? My business requires many emails but does not require to use the emails often at all, I’m talking 6/7 months at a time or so. Is my only choice to keep paying monthly even though I’m not using it for months? Are there any options here? Thank you.


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5 replies

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Hi @APBsayin 

You are not paying for lists on your account, you are paying for emails you send. So if you lower your plan you won’t lose your list you will just lower the ammount of emails you are able to send. Anyway I would not suggest canceling your payment at all but if you are sure you are not going to send emails at all next month just lower the pricing of your subscription to the minimum.

Also for the future its good to know that you don’t pay for how many people you send to but how many emails you send from once and in total for that month. 

For example you have 100K list but you only send emails to engaged segment which is just 50K you can only pay for those 50K (just remember that the total is 10x from the one send limit meaning here you will be able to send only 500K emails this month for this price)

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What is the minimum? Assuming I’m not sending any emails this/next month for example.

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Because if it’s all about sending emails only, nothing to do with the emails (subscribers), then anytime there’s downtime in that month of no sending I could just put the monthly payment at its lowest until it’s go time again & then bring it up to my highest current plan so I can send emails to my complete list of subscribers. Is this correct?

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Also I’m assuming, even if I’m at my lowest plan, people can still subscribe & they’ll end up on my list, right? No matter the amount of subscribers I have, even if I have it in the hundreds of thousands. Because the lowest is $20 a month, can send 5,000 emails but also says “251-500 recipients”. So just wanna make sure people can still subscribe with no problems & it won’t block them because it’s “251-500 recipients”. 

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Hi @APBsayin,

Klaviyo is putting an additional cap on some of our subscription tiers. Historically some of our lower plans allowed for unlimited sends per month. Moving forward there will be a cap on the total number of emails an account can send per month set at 10x the profile limit. For instance if you are operating on the 1,000 profile plan the new, additional limit will be 10,000 total emails per month before requiring an upgrade.
To better understand your total email sending per month you can navigate to the Analytics Tab within Klaviyo and select custom reporting. From there build out the following report and expand the time frame to better understand your sending trends:
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