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  • 18 April 2024
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My client has an existing list of emails of customers collected over the years. We would like to create an opt-in campaign to ask their consent to receive marketing emails. What is the best way to do that without the account being blocked because we might have high unsubscribe rate ?



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Hi @BS69,

Will try my best to help out here :)

First, I’m making an assumption that these contacts are US-based. Otherwise, if marketing consent was not explicitly expressed, depending on the region (e.g. Europe and GDPR), it could be non-compliant to be reaching out asking for marketing consent.

Depending on the size of the database, and if the customer email database spans several years and/or contains many contacts who have not been consistently receiving emails consistently, it could be a safer approach to email this group in batches vs. all in one send. This could reduce the risk of negatively impacting your sender reputation.

It would also allow you to monitor engagement of the initial batches to see if it’s worth continuing to send to this audience.

Your approach of an “opt-in” campaign vs. an “opt-out” one is spot on and what I’d recommend to ensure only active and engaged contacts that want to receive marketing emails remain on the list. Including an opt-in link for the recipient to click in the email would be best practice and one I’ve seen typically executed in these cases.

Let me know if I can be of further help here!


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Hi Bobby!

Thanks a lot for your answer! We are actually based in FR with a customer list from various countries (FR, UK, UAE...)


I’m struggling to understand how to activate this existing customer list if I can’t send an email asking for consent ?



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Hi @BS69 

I wanted to add to @Bobby feedback and hope it may be helpful. Given your contacts are FR/UK/UAE and you don’t have consent to mail to them, you would be non-compliant if you sent them an email to try and get their consent.

When I have been faced with similar challenges, the one approach that has worked well is using the Klaviyo/Meta and Klaviyo/Google integrations to target these contacts via a segment and running a re-engagement campaign on Meta/Google. 

This does a couple of things. I will help bring your brand back to your customers awareness when they see you on their feeds or along side their searches, and you can offer them a special opportunity to come back and see what is new. 

It’s not ideal, but one of the powerful aspects of Klaviyo is the integrations to use data to target and message users across platforms.

I hope that helps!

@In the Inbox 

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@BS69 I would have suggested the same as @In the Inbox did above!

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To add to this great feedback you’ve already gotten from @Bobby and @In the Inbox - you could test using a special incentive for optin beyond your default offer displayed in your onsite optin forms. 


So when you target those segments of customers with Meta ads - you might look into the LeadAd format specifically. It helps expedite the optin process, by capturing the email directly in the ad, without asking them to leave Facebook. 


I’ve had good success doing something like that with one of my clients, and we offered a downloadable free checklist of vet-approved tips to make homes safe for aging dogs. (They’re a home goods brand with a niche of customers who have senior dogs that need support with walking/ slipping, etc.)


Then they optin, you have a Welcome Series flow triggered specific to that optin funnel, and the first email delivers the downloadable freebie that you decide to offer.


Alternatively, if you want to leverage your audience on social media, you could tap into this super easy optin process of asking people to join your newsletter list via DM on Instagram. You’d use a tool called Gatsby, which is actually founded by another fellow champion! @Brett_Gatsby 


So maybe you offer a giveaway on IG instead, and people’s DM optin to your email list is how they enter the giveaway. Then you use the Klaviyo <> Meta integration to target segments of your customers with that giveaway offer. 


Lots of options here to still leverage your existing customer data, and stay compliant with GDPR! Happy to answer any follow up questions.