Building Dynamic Blocks in flows

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Hi All!


I have seen a few conversations around this, and I also thoroughly read the “How to set up Dynamic blocks in Klaviyo”, however I still failed to get ours working. We have a shipstation integration where I am pulling this from for a transactional flow. 


I want the email to have the pictures of the products ordered , Items Name, and Quantity , to be sent. 


I added in the dynamic table, updated row collection and alias, but in preview mode none of that info is pulling through? Also, we have image URLs in our shipstation , but I cant seem to get the dynamic image uploaded? 

Help please! 


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Hi @NickB,

Thanks for sharing your question with our community.

First, you’ll want to identify the “common” part of the tag. That is the start of the tag that is consistent for item name, quantity, image URL etc. when you click on those pieces of event data in the preview. Once that’s identified, insert that into the data source > row collection. Here’s an example of what that would look like (I’ve used item as the Row Alias, which is complete arbitrary, we tend to use “item” for simplicity):

Let’s start with the image, navigate to the image option within the table block: (Rows > Dynamic > Column 1 > Image) click on “replace image” (if you have an existing dynamic image) or “browse” or “import from a URL” then insert the image tag under the “Placeholder section”:


Once that’s set, you should see the icon with the camera and the lighting bolt appear, this signifies a dynamic image has been inserted here.

Now for the item name, quantity and all that good stuff.

Go to column 2 and go to the text section. Remember we’re using the same base of event.extra.Items with the alias “item”. Preview the email again and look at the second part of the tag after the common “event.extra.Items”.  For item name it should be something like “name”. So the complete tag would be {{ }}. We get rid of the index number (0,1,2,3) because those specify a particular item, but we don’t want that, we want to show all of the item names at once in the block.

You’d repeat this step for the other tags i.e., item.price etc. for all tags you want to include that start with event.extra.Items or whatever the “common” starting portion of the tag is. It may not always be just price or quantity in the latter portion of the tag, you’ll have to reference the tag in the preview to understand what to place after item.

After you preview this, I hope you get it to work. This is the basic theory, if you’re still having trouble, I’d reach out to support to have a closer look at the specifics of your event data and the individual customers to solidify if there’s an error with the template dynamic-block set-up or if there’s something else at play causing a problem.

I hope that’s helpful.

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Hey DD, 


Thank u for helping out. I really appreciate you taking the time. I believe I am doing it by the book, but the dynamic blocks are not populating anything. Even column 2 with just the Item, price and quantity is not populating anything. I have double checked everything. 


I will go ahead and log a support ticket for Klaviyo to look into this.