Can you create a trigger flow for multiple purchase at a POS location?

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In order to create a specific flows for each POS location (using Shopify POS), the way I do it now is to tag each customer when he buys in a certain location and each location has a segment that way. So once the customer joins the segment, he enters a flow. 

so this way works only for the first purchase in a specific POS location.

Any thoughts about how to trigger flows according to second or third purchase at a POS location? 

Or how to create a segment for preferred POS location, and not by asking the customer for profile preference. (for example, the store where she bought the most, or spent the most) 




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Hi @orilehavi 


Thanks for sharing your question with the community!


Are you aware if you are sending different source names for each store? this help doc outlines how to segment by source. I would suggest ensuring you can see sources when following these instructions. If you are not seeing the sources you expect to, I would definitely reach out to Shopify to see if you can send a “source_name” that is individual to each store.


I hope this helps!


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thanks Marissa. I have checked with Shopify, source name will only pull out POS but not the POS location, and I have 10 locations. It will however pull it out under the ‘location’ field, any chance Klaviyo can pull that field for an order created in Shopify?

Thank you 


Any update on this? I would also like to segment by POS location...

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Hey there @samc,

At the moment, we still have not fully developed a way for us to natively acquire the data of a POS location directly into our system without having developers work on it as a custom property attached onto orders as mentioned in the topic. 

I will keep updates on here as we receive them from our teams and hope to rollout something more native and smooth in the future. In the meantime, I would recommend checking with Shopify devs/community members to see what they have done regarding this feature.


Thank you for your patience!

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There is an email marketing system called Endear we have started using that allows us to segement by POS location and select only costumers who purchase at a certain location. It’s so easy, i really don’t understand why Klaviyo do not launch this feature.  

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Hi there @orilehavi,

Thank you for shedding light on other platforms that utilize this feature already. In our default placed order event, we do not have any information on the location of the POS sale. This would certainly be something worthy of a feature request! A workaround would be to make a tag in Shopify. The tag would have to be passed through at the time of purchase, not after, as this data won’t be sent into Klaviyo after the Placed Order metric fires. We recommend reaching out to Shopify support about this type of tag (POS location), as they will be able to assist setting this up for you. These tags would need to be added at the time of purchase so they would be captured by Klaviyo and then added to the customer's profile as a profile property. Placed order events are captured in real time, so if these tags were added after, they would not be captured and reflect in Klaviyo. Profiles can then be segmented by this property. 

I have seen that there is indeed a request for this already put in and will try and push the team toward getting this going. Although I cannot promise a specific date (especially with Black Friday/Cyber Monday and future holidays) I can assure this has been noticed. 


Thank you!


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Thanks Alex. We already have a tag that tags a costumer when buying at a certain POS location. But then we have many costumers who bought in 2+ locations and we cannot segment them according to ‘where they bought more times’ or ‘where they spent more money’ and this creates a lot of manual work or just general emails which do not refer to the specific location this costumer likes to purchase. I would add a way to identify where this costumer prefers to shop. We tried to send an email to all costumers who purchased in 2 + locations and ask them where they prefer to shop but this is getting very low response rates and I can see why. This could be a very simple algorithm. 

thank you 

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Hi @orilehavi,

Thanks for the clarification on your Shopify POS store usage and the data you are trying to segment. 

Natively, there is no way to segment on both most frequented location + revenue per customer based on most frequent location. It could be achievable to gather and segment on Shopify’s end based on how far up the metadata is stored and how it is collected within your own integration and setup. I’d love to submit this as a future product request in addition so that we can try and integrate this as well. Additionally, we do have an integration with Lightspeed and they do store the info you might be looking for so that could be an option for you and your team.

Appreciate the feedback and thanks for your patience!

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Thanks Alex. Hopefully you will not discriminate Shopify POS users and allow the same benefits as you do for Lightspeed users. 



Hi there @orilehavi,

I have seen that there is indeed a request for this already put in and will try and push the team toward getting this going. Although I cannot promise a specific date (especially with Black Friday/Cyber Monday and future holidays) I can assure this has been noticed. 


 @orilehavi, any update on this feature?

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unfortunately not, still waiting … 

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@alex.hong Any update on providing location with Placed Order? Thanks!

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Hi there @Happy Camper,

Currently there is not a way to utilize this data to segment on. What I can do is submit this request to our team again. However, I wouldn't have insight on a timeline/guarantees on delivery or consideration. I do believe a strong case can be made here, as this is a top level datapoint in the Order payload and the benefits are numerous in unlocking this for you (and other customers).
A potential workaround here would be to see if you are able to set a unique 'Source Name' for each POS location that would pass with the (POS) Order Event. If possible, we would be able to segment on that data. 


In regards to this strategy, from what I've seen on our end, we actually would advise to reach out to Shopify to ask: 

  • How can we add Location ID for Placed Orders via POS?
  • Is it possible to add additional Source Names to correspond with your different store locations - and their POS instance?

I did also see a possible workaround utilizing Shopify Flow to Automate tagging your orders, though since this would be setup within Shopify, might also be a nice question to ask in addition to the above.

Typically customers Segmenting with POS specifically, are only segmenting on the Top Level data (was it POS or Web) vs drilling into specific Location. 


Apologies for the inconvenience, 


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Thanks Alex. It sounds like the location info is not passed from Shopify to Klaviyo. Is that correct?

I can think of so many use cases for brick and mortar stores where we’ll want to segment based on where the customer purchased. 

In any case, thanks again for your insight!

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Hi @Happy Camper,

If you're a Shopify POS customer, you may want to distinguish between your POS and web purchases.

Klaviyo syncs the source_name when a customer completes the checkout process and creates an order in your Shopify store. According to Shopify's documentation, "source_name" is defined as:


You can use the following to Segment orders (and purchasers) by source:


This information can be found in our help center: Guide to Differentiating Shopify POS and Shopify Web Data. Currently, the data coming in from Shopify is labeled as (POS) but not specific to what location. Hopefully this can be a native feature to the integration.


Hope that helped,


@alex.hong your post misses the point of the thread. It’s clear that the source_name can be used to differentiate between web and pos sales, however for multiple location stores all placed order events have the source_name=”pos” so we can’t filter based on multiple locations.


The location_id field stores the location but it isn’t a supported filter option. 


Please address this. Multiple people are asking and it’s clear other platforms support this


Edit: I see you originally did comment on this specific issue, not sure why your last post just mentions pos vs web in response to a question that was about multiple locations.


Also asking people here to pass the buck to Shopify to request they include differentiation of source_name is not helpful. This is clearly a limitation with klaviyo’s filtering since the placed order event (in klaviyo) shows the different location_ids. Fix that and the issue is resolved. Shopify is already uniquely identifying the locations so why would they change the source name. It doesn’t make klaviyo look better by pointing the blame towards another company whose webhook data from me looks extremely coherent.

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Hello @ahurlburt,

If it is an absolute for you to want the capability to be segment by an order's POS location, I would imagine instead of using the default Shopify placed order you could custom code a custom Placed Order event that does track this sort of data. Or you could even pass a separate stand alone custom event that records the POS location of where the placed order occurred such event: POS Location with the metadata sharing this information. This would be a way to get this information into the respective systems and tracked as well.

Although it is a current feature request to have more information pulled in from Shopify, we do encourage customers to reach out to both sides as it puts more focus on these sorts of things being in high demand. As I do not work directly with the feature request/product team, I cannot offer an exact timeline but this is something we are working on.