Hide block if someone has subscribed to a list

  • 26 July 2021
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How do i use conditional settings to hide a block if the profile is in list x? Is there a way to do this? Maybe use the list ID some how?


Best answer by Dov 26 July 2021, 18:17

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3 replies

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Hello @KB46,

Thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to use the Hide/Show function with List or Segments. You can only use the Hide/Show feature based on Profile Properties or Event Data.

As a workaround you can apply a custom property to all of the profiles in the list and then you could write the condition based on the custom property.

Or you could use a conditional split in a flow using the “is or is not in a list” condition, and create a clone of the original flow email. Under the “Yes” path of the conditional split, completely remove that block from the email. That way, anybody who enters the flow and is in the list, will see the email without the block, in practice hiding it. Anyone down the “No” path will receive a clone of the original email containing all of the blocks.

Hope that is helpful!

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Hi Dov,

Thank you for your reply. Your workaround will work for what I have in mind. Was so focused on finding at solution for the conditional settings that I couldn’t se out side the box. 

Very helpful!

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@KB46 glad to hear the workaround was helpful!

Thanks for being a part of our Community.