Is it Possible to Back-populate a Flow Containing Dynamic Coupons?

  • 21 October 2021
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I have created a winback flow containing dynamic coupon codes.  When I try to backpopulate the flow, I get an error message indicating backpopulate would only work with static codes.

Is there a work around for me to back populate without altering my coupon codes ( I have messages indicating that the code will expire in X days so need to use dynamic codes.




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7 replies

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@NextGenPaws Pet Portraits 

There is this option..

  • create segment with all the people you would like to include in this flow (for example people who placed order at least once but didn’t place an order in last 60 days and are not suppressed)
  • download the segment from above
  • create new list
  • recreate your win back flow but this time started with the new list you created
  • once the flow is live and ready you can upload the people that you downloaded from the segment into the new list

but remember the order.. only upload people to the list after the new flow is live!

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Hi @NextGenPaws Pet Portraits


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us! Also, took a look at your website and LOVE your products! 


You are correct, you are not able to Back-Populate a Flow with Dynamic Coupons. However, there are potential workarounds for this like @Bobi N. mentioned. He gave a great alternative solution that would definitely work, as long as you remember his key advice at the end: only upload your newly made list for this flow AFTER the new flow is live! Profiles only go through a flow when they trigger the action needed, such as being added to a list. If the flow is created after you upload the list, no one will go through it unless a net-new profile is added to the list, thereby triggering the flow and receiving the dynamic coupon. 


Additionally, you could remove the dynamic coupons, back-populate the flow and then re-insert your coupons after. However, it is important to note that if you have any coupons that are at the beginning of your flow, I recommend inserting a brief time delay before you back-populate (5-30 minutes depending) in order to re-insert the coupons.  You can then take the time delay out if you wish!  Please know that if you do insert any time delay this will only affect the profiles that enter while the logic is there. 


Additionally, I’d check out our documentation for further insight and assistance into 


Thank you for being a part of the Community! 


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Thank you both!

It all makes great sense except one minor point that I am struggling to get my head around.

I create a segment DONE

duplicate my current flow and change the trigger to list DONE

when it comes to populating the list with contacts, it doesn’t allow me to link the dynamic segment into the list (I can upload contacts manually with the contacts that are added to the segment) so it feels like this is a once off exercise to backpopulate while keeping the initial flow that is triggered with Shopify purchase on for future emails.  

Am I missing something?

Many thanks


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@NextGenPaws Pet Portraits 

You can’t link segment to a list.. and this setup I suggested will work only manually when you download people from segment and upload to the list.. You can’t set up the segment to update the list automatically..

So basically this was solution for past people who you want to push through this flow..

For future customers who you want to go through the flow when they meet condition in the future you should set up usual flow as you were planning before.. I guess placed order metric and filters that you want to use..

So this flow started with list will be just manual flow and as soon as you send those emails to the people you want to from the past you can turn it off and leave just the placed order flow live for future customers..


Does this work if you clone the flow or do you have to recreate a new one from scratch?

I tried this work around by cloning a flow but when I go to add a trigger filter to see if the new list I created shows up… it’s not there. 


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From what you said I think the problem you have is because you are trying to clone a Metric triggered flow with a List as a trigger. That is not possible in klaviyo and yes you will need to recreate the flow with a list as a trigger. 

So in klaviyo:

  • you can clone a flow with new Metric only if it is already triggered with Metric
  • you can clone a flow with new List only if it is already triggered by List
  • but you cant clone a flow with new Metric if it is triggered by List or the other way around

@Bobi N. 

Ahh thank you. That makes sense. Bummer!