Is there an option to Copy and Paste Paths within a Flow?

  • 19 January 2022
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If I have a path of five emails (or any number) within a Flow that are all connected, and that same path of emails is useful to duplicate and use in another path, or even another Flow, is there a way to “copy and paste” this path? In my case, I could make one simple edit to the Conditional Splits between emails and avoid having to recreate the entire path, splits, emails, subject, preview text, etc. A HUGE time saving opportunity. 


Thanks for any guidance on this. 


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Hi @Malachi McG


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! 


Unfortunately, this isn’t an available feature at the moment, however, I would love to submit a feature request of this for you on your behalf as I agree it would save a lot of time! 


Another potential workaround to execute in the meantime, could be to  clone the flow you’re working with and update the conditional split for the new flow intention or goal. Additionally, we do plan to release universal saved content in the next few months of 2022. While this feature isn’t an exact copy and paste option, it would allow you to save certain blocks in your email template and quickly add them to templates whether they are from your campaign or flow messages. 


Thanks for being a part of our Community!


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Thank you Taylor. So if in a Flow, I have a conditional split for anyone who did not receive the email above, or was “skipped”, that creates a new branch. But everything that follows in that branch is the exact same as what is happening in the branch of people who did receive the email or who were not “skipped”. So if I then have three more emails in the Flow, and do the same “resend” idea for each email that wasn’t opened or skipped, all of a sudden I have 30+ emails and splits, but most of it is duplicative content. This would be a gamechanger for me, as clicking in and out of emails in a Flow to copy and past Subject lines and Preview Text is incredible tedious with the current setup. Just additional thoughts to add to the feature request…

One follow up to there any way to have someone enter a new Flow upon exiting a prior Flow? So if I have several branches within a Flow that lead to a new series of emails that present a new Collection/Category feed, instead of having to build out the new branch for every end of the old branch, I could just send them each into a new flow that has the series of emails for the other Collection/Category. 

Forgive my insanity, but attached is a mindmap I used to layout a flow with the scenarios above. Maybe the visual reference is helpful. 

Thank you for your help!


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Just curious if there is any development in this. I have the same issue. It takes a lot of time to make a flow like this. It would help immensely if a path under a conditional flow could be fully cloned and then dragged into another branch

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Hi @mennoschreven ,

As far as updates go, the only way to accomplish something like this is going to be through copying the entire flow. Having said that, you can actually clone the individual messages, and that will allow you to cut down on time a bit with not having to completely redo each individual messages content. It is not unusual to have separate but identical email paths based on previous non opens from within the same flow! That is a wonderful way to target those who might have received the email but not opened them at all. I have included a few additional Help Center resources below for you as well.

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