Manual Add to List - Trigger the Flow?

  • 8 September 2021
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If I manually add to a list, and i have a flow triggered by this list, will the names automatically receive the email from the flow?


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YES! If you manually add people to a list that is trigger to Live flow people will start receiving emails from that flow

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Hey @magtrim !

Thank you for asking the Klaviyo Community about List-triggered Flows!

As @Bobi N. already shared YES you can! As long as the profiles you are manually adding to your list have given you explicit consent to send them your marketing, they will automatically be added to any flow that has that list as the trigger. The Help Center doc that I included above goes over this in more detail and figured you and the Klaviyo Community members might want to read through it for more insight. Also check out these other Community Post that also talk about list triggered flows!

Thank you @Bobi N. for always being a great source of information and collaboration for other Community members. Together we can all have success!

Thank you both for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!