Many Duplicate Abandon Cart Emails

  • 24 November 2021
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Some weird duplication is happening with our abandoned cart emails. A customer had emailed to say she received 6 to 8 abandoned cart emails.

I checked analytics and this is happening for a number of people. (Image attached). 


People will enter this flow when they Added to Cart.


  • Placed Order zero times since starting this flow
  • AND
  • Has not been in flow in the last 10 days




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2 replies

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Hello @Nikki,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Since it sounds like you are wanting to build an abandoned cart flow using the Add to Cart trigger, it sounds like you’re actually missing an additional flow filter of “Someone has not started a checkout since starting this flow” as mentioned in the The Abandoned "Added to Cart" Flow subsection of the Guide to Creating an "Added to Cart" Event for Shopify Help Center article.

In addition, from your screenshot and my own experience, since it looks like these customers all received the email at the same time, I suspect that you may have backpopulated the flow inappropriately. Backpopulating a flow is a powerful tool which allows you to retroactive populate contacts into your flow that would have been queued in real-time had the flow existed earlier. However, should you backpopulate the flow prior to having your desired flow filters in place would cause those contacts to be queued up for the flow as the flow stands.

I would suggest check to confirm with your flow's changelog to see if you happened to have this “Has not been in flow in the last 10 days” filter in place prior to backpopulating the flow.

On the other-hand, if this was not the issue, can you provide more clarification on where this screenshot originated from as it’s unclear without any additional headers or details. Typically if this was from a flow email’s Recipient Activity, it should contain more columns and details such as a opens and clicks as highlighted in the screenshot below:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks David! 

Sorry for my delayed reply. (BFCM is a cRaZy time!)


I just added “started checkout zero times since starting this flow” as a flow filter in addition to “placed order zero times since starting this flow”. 


I believe that screen shot was from the Analytics > Waiting


I didn’t back populate the flow but I’ll bet you this had something to do with not filtering out “started checkout”. 

Thank you so much for your help!