My Flow for e-mail domain Gmail is not triggering

  • 7 September 2021
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I have set up a flow with the trigger “domain contains”. But the trigger isn’t working. The whole setup looks good so I don’t know where it goes wrong. 

Can somebody help me out? 

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3 replies

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Hello @Jair Z.,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Since it sounds like you are using a flow Trigger filter rule of “Email Domain contains”, I would suggest making sure the associated metric that triggers your flows is actually triggering and recording events. Because trigger filters evaluate the data coming in from the event that triggers the flow, and not profile properties itself, if your event is not triggering, this would lead your flow not triggering altogether. 

When creating and defining your trigger filter definition, I would also suggest ensuring you are selecting the “” option from the dimension dropdown as opposed to manually entering “”. This is because this can lead to mistakes and any variances or the spelling, capitalization, or trailing or leading spaces will cause the rule to not be fully understood. 

Another workaround, would be instead of using a trigger filter, you can also use a flow filter definition to accomplish the same thing. If you wanted only contacts with a domain of “” to enter your flow, you can use a flow filter definition of “Properties about someone, Email contains”. Using a flow filter would evaluate based on the contact’s email profile property as opposed to the data coming in from the event, but typically will achieve the same success. For more details about using trigger filters versus flow filters, I would recommend taking a look at the About Flow Triggers and Filters Help Center article.

I hope this helps!


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Hi @Jair Z. As David mentioned, definitely make sure you are using a flow filter (not a trigger filter) for this type of flow, and ensure you are seeing event activity for the metric you are using for your flow. 

I would also suggest trying a different filter structure:

  1. If this is a metric-triggered flow, such as ordered product, use the same flow filter as above  Properties about someone > Email > ends with >
  2. In the case of a welcome series for new email subscribers, use a list-triggered flow and filter by Properties about someone > Email > ends with >
  3. You can also create a segment with those same parameters and do a segment triggered flow, if your use case involves specific content for gmail users exclusively, 

I hope this helps, and happy sending!

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Thank you so much  and @Julia.LiMarzi . I know better understand the differences between flow filters and trigger filters. 

I made the adjustments to my flow as you suggested. 

Thank you both once again! 

Best regards, Jaïr