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  • 6 September 2023
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I want to create an email that has an unsubscribe button, that will unsubscribe when clicked not goto unsubscribe page.

How do i go about doing that ?


Thank you



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Hi @lollygag 

Thank you for posting your question in the community! 

Within the email editor, if you select a text block element, you can add personalization to the email. When you click on the figure icon in the editor, you’ll see a dropdown menu. At the top, there are 4 Template Tags, one of which is the Unsubscribe.


You’ll get a tag that looks like this: {% unsubscribe %}

You can copy that tag and add it to the URL of a button element. Then, if someone clicks on it from your email, they will be unsubscribed and taken to a confirmation page confirming their subscription status has been updated.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

@In the Inbox 

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Hi Bryan


thank you for your replay, I believe I tried that and instead of just unsubscribe it takes me to the unsubscribe page where you need to put the email again and click again 😀, I want it to be simpler 

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You can use {% unsubscribe %} or {% unsubscribe_url %} in your html code. You can also create custom unsubscribe pages.


Using Zaymo’s interactive Emails, we can do unsubscribes in the email itself without redirecting anywhere. That is even one step more convenient than not having to enter your email again.

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Hey @lollygag,

Sounds like you’re looking for a one-click unsubscribe - which Klaviyo doesn’t support. 

Although the idea of a one-click unsubscribe is great, in my experience, isn’t very practical. This is due to how often inbox providers crawl emails. With, paired with one-click unsubscribe, can cause these bots to inadvertently unsubscribe your recipients.


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Hi david, 

Your answer makes sense, thank you