Vaccine Updates for Vet Practice

  • 12 May 2023
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I will be managing the emails for a vet practice.  The first automated flow they want to get started on is updating clients when their pet is due to be vaccinated.  


However, the issue is many clients have multiple pets with different vaccine due dates.  


For eg on owner has 3 pets. 

Daisy   (Vaccine due 1st June)

Duke   (Vaccine due 1st June

Donald  (vaccine due 10th July)


How can I make an automated flow that goes out 6 months after they last got vaccinated for the correct animal?  Considering the same email address for all animals is associated with all of them.



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Hi @JaceKing,


Welcome to the community! This is a unique and interesting type of flow to build.


Since Klaviyo’s primary reference point for any event is the profile’s email address, this might require a more sophisticated type of flow setup than a typical date-triggered flow. You would definitely need to find ways to have the same email address get entered into flows based on dates that are specific to each pet, as you’ve already anticipated with your question… 


One way you’re able to add extra data to a profile is to create custom profile properties. You could have a List property with values specific to each pet’s name, and then you could potentially also build out Date properties specific to each pet’s date of last vaccination, and then trigger a reminder that goes out 6 months after that date.


Then you’d need to maintain those Date properties on an ongoing basis. I’m not familiar with vet record-keeping software, but you might be able to have a form the Vet fills out that can use Zapier to send the most recent date of vaccination to Klaviyo in order to update the value of that Date custom property.


One way I’ve done things like this is we use an Airtable or Jotform as a means of collecting data. Then from there, we use Zapier to send the appropriate custom profile property information to Klaviyo, using the email address as the identifier for which profile needs to be updated.


The trickiest part of this setup will likely be you need to coordinate data maintenance with the vet’s team, beyond what you set up within Klaviyo. Perhaps a custom integration could be built with their in-house record-keeping software, and that could send a custom event to Klaviyo like “Daisy Vaccination Appointment” each time the owner comes in to get Daisy vaccinated. 


I’ve given some other examples in a similar community question around how to set up custom profile properties, and maintain them over time in ways that make it easy for you to keep track of the properties you’ve created and what values correspond to the properties. Hopefully you find that helpful.


This might feel like an overwhelming process, but if you’re willing to be methodical about how you approach it, the results of setting this up could make a significant impact for your vet client, and their customers also!

I wish you the best of luck. I’m also happy to help answer any other questions you might have, as you determine what the best path forward is. 



~ Gabrielle