What are the customers listed in the "review" section of a sunset flow?

  • 20 November 2023
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I have created a workflow to help remove customers who are not opening our marketing and within that flow I am seeing that I have 0 deliveries but 38 customers that “need review”.

What steps need to be taken so that they progress through this flow rather than just being removed from marketing without the final flow email being sent?



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Welcome to the community @TheLeatherGuyNick 

Looks like you have this email in the flow set to manual, as those 38 are ‘in review’.  They will stay there until you manually send the emails (or cancel).

You can do that by navigating to the recipient activity tab in that flow email and then ‘needs review’ to see the contact list. There is a ‘send all’ button top right (see below). or you can send them individually.

Unless you have a reason for this message to be set to manual, set it to ‘live’ so new contacts entering the flow receive it automatically, subject to your flow/email conditions. 

Hope that helps