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Welcome Series Setup and Best Practices

  • 21 September 2020
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What Is a Welcome Series Flow and Why Use One?

A welcome series is a sequence of emails sent directly after someone signs up to hear from your brand. This is a critical moment in the customer lifecycle because it's your opportunity to introduce new, interested prospects to your business and product offering. With a welcome series, you should strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on this display of interest.

A welcome series is crucial email automation, and Klaviyo provides a pre-built welcome series out-of-the-box. You will find a standard welcome series listed in the Flows tab of your account. If you want a more advanced welcome flow, you can browse different ideas in our Flow Library.

How Does a Welcome Series Flow Work?

Unlike many other recommended flows, a welcome series is a list-triggered flow. Whichever list you choose should be the list that new subscribers are added to when they sign up. There are four key ways that new contacts can be added to a list to trigger a welcome series:

  • By signing up through a signup form

  • By signing up through a subscribe page

  • By being manually added to a list

  • Via the API

How Many Emails Should I Include?

Based on research from thousands of Klaviyo ecommerce customers, we have found that sending three emails in your welcome flow leads to optimal performance.

What About Timing?

We recommend the following structure for your Standard Welcome Series Flow:

  1. Email #1, send immediatelyIntroduce new subscribers to your brand and collect their email preferences. To send subscribers an email immediately after they opt in, add an email directly after your flow's trigger with no time delay before it.

  2. Email #2, after two daystwo days after they sign up, encourage your subscribers to like or follow you on social media.

  3. Email #3, after four daysFour days after someone signs up, showcase your best-selling products.

How Should I Try to Improve My Welcome Series Flow?

The Browse Ideas tab is a great place to look for new ideas and inspiration when leveling up your welcome series and includes many of the best practices we recommend.

Additionally, we offer additional Best Practices that provide examples/recommendations for targeting different audiences for your welcome flow(s).

9 replies


*****EDIT: Solution found - please disregard!**** When I add people manually to my list, it is not triggering the welcome flow. Any ideas? Thank you!

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Hi @veeaubrey - thanks for sharing both your question, and that you have found a solution! As this Community forum is aimed at everyone learning from one another and growing together, if you have the time, we’d love it if you could share your findings so that other members may also see it in the future! 

Thanks so much and hope you’re having a lovely week so far,

Thanks Cassy - I’m not too sure, but I think because I had one email in the flow accidentally in draft that the whole flow wasn’t sending correctly. I hope that helps!

I’m totally new to this.  Is there a place that helps you understand how to edit each of the welcome emails?  For instance, on the 3rd email under each of the 4 blocks it says “ Read More” with hyperlink.  How do I add the reminder of the information to that block of information?

Is there a very basic step-by-step guide to working on each of the emails?

Hi. I have created a welcome flow that sends emails 7-days after the order fulfilment flag in Shopify to allow time for the product to arrive and be used.

One email is for active subscribers (based on a shopify tag value) with a split that sends an email variant to non-subscribers (single purchase).

The non-subscribers receive a welcome email that highlights the benefits of a subscription.

My question: how can I measure the effectiveness of the flow for non-subscribers i.e converting them to a subscriber? If they subsequently place a subscription order, the shopify tag will be updated to show this has happened but I can’t see a way of attributing that status change to the flow.

Possible to do this? Any ideas appreciated!

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Just to follow up with the question @Wslade asked, on top of the information that Julie shared above, I would also recommend that others who are experiencing something similar should take a look at both the Creating a Welcome Series article and Objective Video: Turn On a Welcome Series Flow video guide to build out the Welcome Series flow content.

@blueoxford  - you may have already received an answer for this, but in case others also have a similar question in the future, this sort of flow you are explaining seems more like a Post-Purchase flow or a Winback flow as opposed to a Welcome Series flow.

Post-Purchase flows and Winback flows are sent after a customer has purchased to either provide more information to the purchasers about their order, thanking them for the order, educating them on your brand, and/or upselling them on their recent purchase. 

You should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy by directly measuring the revenue attributed to the email sent to these non-subscribers. By default, Klaviyo has a five-day last interaction (open or click) attribution model. That means whichever email your contacts opens or clicks immediately prior to a recorded Placed Order event, so long as the email was received within the last five days, would receive the attribution for that specific sale.

With that in mind, you would be able to measure the effectiveness of your upsell strategy based on the conversion rate, number of attributed sales, and attributed revenue of this email you sent to these non-subscribers who purchased and converted. Should your email convince these customers to convert, they would make a subsequent purchase after reading up on the benefits of your subscription, which would be attributed to the email.

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!


Hi! I set up my welcome series and am testing it on myself by signing up to my list through my website. I received the first e-mail in the flow (Friday)(today is Monday). The second e-mail was supposed to send 2 days after the first e-mail at 10:00 a.m. I have not received any further e-mails from the flow as of today, Monday at 6:45 p.m. Did I do something wrong? Does it not send on holidays? To clarify: I received the first e-mail in the flow and nothing else. 



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Hello @nilakaymusic,

Out of curiosity, did you happen to enter the flow when there was only one email step within the flow, as in steps two and forward of the flow was not set up or not set to Live yet?

If you were testing your flow and you had entered the flow when only email one was set Live while the remainder of the flow was either not present or was set in Draft mode, it would be expected behavior to only receive the first email in the flow. To learn more about how contacts move through a flow, I would recommend taking a look at the How Contacts Move Through a Flow article. 

Also for clarification, Monday being a holiday would not impact Klaviyo’s sending as Klaviyo does not distinguish holidays within its flow sending schedules. 

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply! I think I actually figured out what the problem was. I entered the flow, but then after I did that and had received the first e-mail I decided to change the name of the list that triggered the flow. Since then I joined my list again with a different e-mail so I could re-test, and it seems to be working!