bulk update profile though api

  • 6 April 2022
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bulk update profile though api is possible?


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Hi there @MayankShoree,

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The Klaviyo API Identify endpoint only allows for updates of one profile at a time - the idea here would be to use a loop to make multiple calls. This is the method I would recommend using.

Still, if you would like to bulk update profiles, there exists our List API V2, specifically the POST{LIST_ID}/members endpoint

This endpoint is meant to add profiles to a list without subscribing them - but we can use the same endpoint to update properties for profiles that may already exist in the list.

For example, in a test list of mine I had and as members. Yet, I could make the following call to add "test_property" as a property with values of "valueA" and "valueB" respectively:


This led to the property being created on the profile:


If the property already exists, this endpoint will update the value as well.


Hope that helped,


Hi all!

I have a follow-up question. In the latest version (v2023-02-22), I don’t see the same endpoint allowing us to update properties for profiles ( Is there any workaround in the current version other than using the endpoint in v2 that you provided above? If there are no other options, and we must use v1-2, since it’s a legacy one, can anyone provide us a timeline on when this will sunset?
Thanks all for your help in advance!

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Hi @newuser2!


I noticed that you also posted this question in another thread which I just answered, so for the sake of visibility and organization, I’m going to link to that here:


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian