Developer Challenge (CASH PRIZE) | May 2023

  • 30 May 2023
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Developer Challenge (CASH PRIZE) | May 2023
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Hello Developer Group!

Our May 2023 🏆 Developer Challenge 🏆 is here!!!


Each month, I work with one of our internal Engineers or Solution Architects to generate a challenge that requires contestants to accomplish a technical feat using Klaviyo’s developer tools.


🎉💰 New CASH Prize!!! 💰🎉


Due to the success of previous challenges, we’ve decided to sweeten the rewards for May!


Now, the winners and runners-up will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st Place:
    • $500 Cash Prize
    • 📦📈 Customized Social Media Package for LinkedIn! 📈📦
      Special Winner’s Pin in Community! 🏆
      👑 “King-of-the-hill” 👑 style article. Winner’s profile will be featured on the Developer Group landing page until they are unthroned!
  • 2nd Place: Insulated Branded Mug ☕
  • 3rd Place: Klaviyo-branded Cap 🤠


    2nd (right) and 3rd Place (left) Prizes




Contest is open to legal residents of the contiguous United States, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Australia, and the United Kingdom

See here for full Terms and Conditions


🔊 Rules and Guidelines 🔊

  1. The Challenge will be open until Monday, June 12 at 11:59 pm EST⏳, after which the submission form will be closed.
  2. You may use any resource at your disposal to investigate the challenge - including, but not limited to the Developer Portal, existing Community posts, and the Klaviyo Help Center.
    • Please note that there can only be 1 WINNER (the first to submit a valid solution), so collaborate at your own risk…👀
  3. Comments are enabled for this post (for questions and clarification), but please only use the Google form below to submit answers.
    • If you comment the answer here, it will spoil the fun! 😅


May 2023 Challenge


This month's challenge will focus on our new Predictive Analytics API, which can be used in association with any operation that retrieves a profile or profiles. Predictive analytics brings you a rich suite of data-science based statistics, including data on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), churn probability and expected date of next order.


You are tasked with the following:

  • Given a profile ID, find the predicted CLV of the profile

  • Given a segment ID, find the average predicted CLV of the segment

  • Rank all segments in your account by average predicted CLV


IMPORTANT: Not all profiles will have CLV metrics based on the data available in your Klaviyo account; for the purposes of this challenge, feel free to mock API responses if your account is not yet able to receive CLV metrics. That said, your solution should still work even if a profile has null values for its predictive_analytics data.


We are excited to offer you an in-browser development environment through! Klaviyo acquired Napkin in November and we are using it internally for a variety of key functions and hope you will do the same. For this challenge, please submit your answers as a Napkin function by following the steps below:

  1. Create an account in Napkin - you can sign up via Google, GitHub, or email

  2. Clone one of the following Napkin function:

    1. Python boilerplate

    2. Node boilerplate

  3. The cloned function will give you some boilerplate code that allows you to make API calls with our SDKs. Once you have cloned the function, you must get a private API in your Klaviyo account and add it to your Napkin environment

    1. Instructions on getting your private key can be found here

    2. Once you have your private API key, set it as your KLAVIYO_PRIVATE_API_KEY under “Other” in your Napkin function like below:

Image 1
  1. Once you have your solution, share your Napkin function. You can get a URL to your public function by clicking Share like in the screenshot below:

Image 2


  1. Finally, submit the URL with your name and other details using the form below!​​​​​​



Contest is open to legal residents of the contiguous United States, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Australia, and the United Kingdom

See here for full Terms and Conditions




- Brian

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Hi @retention@SeanMcC@Brett_Gatsby@popsmash@matthewstuckings@TRIBE@jimk@brewcrew@ChrisR@imp_dev@Mineral-CR@dartacus, & @KeviSunshine!

Just wanted to tag you all in this because I’ve noticed you’ve been very active and instrumental in expanding the Developer Group, so it would be fantastic to see one of you being rewarded with the grand prize of $500!


The contest is open until next Tuesday, so feel free to give it a quick shot, even if time-constrained! This fun challenge also helps explore the potential of our APIs. Eagerly awaiting your thoughts, and thanks for being part of our community!