Is there a way to get source and CLV information in the profiles API?

  • 24 November 2022
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I’m trying to emulate the functionality of exporting to csv from a segment. In that screen I have the ability to select source columns (Initial Source Referrer, Initial Source Medium ect), and LTV columns (Total Customer Lifetime Value, Historic Number of Orders ect) as columns. However, these fields do not appear in the profiles API.

Is there a way to pull this information through the API? Thanks!


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 25 November 2022, 17:03

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Hi @dfine and welcome to the Community!


It’s not currently possible to retrieve CLV and Source data directly through Profiles endpoint However, a potential workaround could be to create another segment that targets customers with a certain CLV or Source value, and then use a flow to tag these profiles with a custom property that you can retrieve using the Profiles endpoint, as mentioned in this Community post:


For example, if you wanted to see which customers had a CLV of at least 100, you could create a Segment as follows:

Then, you could create a flow that’s triggered when someone joins this list, and update their profile with a new custom value:

Then, you will be able retrieve this property via the Profiles endpoint. However, it’s important to keep in mind that CLV is a dynamic value which means that it can change constantly, so it might be a good practice to make another segment/flow that is the inverse of those above. For instance, if the above segment targets customers with a CLV > 100 and the corresponding flow sets a profile property to true, you could create another segment that targets customers with CLV < 100. Then, create a flow that’s triggered by the latter segment, and set the profile to false. This way, if the user’s CLV drops below 100, the profile property will be updated accordingly.


I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian