How can I attach my unique discount code to website redirect in winback flow?

  • 22 May 2023
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Hi people.

I'm creating a winback flow in my Shopify store with Klaviyo.

In this email sequence I will send 4 emails. On the 1st I will send a dynamic code that will expire in 3 days. Here in a section of text I have added the code “{% coupon_code 'Clientes_Especiales' %}“ since my dynamic coupon is called “Clientes_Especiales”, but I have also created a button with the following URL: “https://www.bijoucosmetics .cl/discount/{% coupon_code 'Special_Customers' %}”, will it be good for it to fulfill the same function of leading to said dynamic coupon?

Now, I want to add a Link address to my images, with the same dynamic coupon, what will this code look like?

Finally, in the following emails 2, 3 and 4 I will send the same notification to the client with the same discount code. With a section of text and a button and I have the following codes, will it be ok?

text: {{ person|lookup:'coupon' }}
CTA button:{{ person|lookup:'coupon' }}





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Hi there @Nicolas Aguilera


Great question! Love to see you utilizing this Winback strategy! 


Awesome job creating your dynamic coupon code to include in your flow email, according  to our documentation. You can definitely attach the coupon code to a redirect URL to your store. However, your code seems a little off, as mentioned in this helpful thread I’ve attached, the code should follow this example script below. You should be able to add the same code above for your URL link addresses to send them to your site with the discount attached as well.{% coupon_code 'your_code' %}?redirect=/new-path




Do you mind sharing your reasoning as to why you’re changing the display tactic of your discount in email 1 and moving to the the look up tag in email 2,3 and 4? 


Additionally, it should be noted that you mentioned adding in your coupon on the first email and having it expire after 3 days, yet you will have up to 4 flow emails. I would consider expanding the expiration date and consider our Winback flow documentation on how to setup your flow with the best time delays in between so the emails aren’t too frequent for these lapsed users, and encourage them to unsubscribe or not successfully ‘win them back’. I’ve linked some other helpful content others have created about Winback flows in the Community for more insight!


Thanks for participating in the Community!