How to upload template designed with Photoshop on Klaviyo

  • 19 October 2021
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If I can design my email templates with Photoshop is there a way for me to upload it to klaviyo? Will it be responsive?


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3 replies

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Hey, does it export as HTML? (I’ve never done this with photoshop)


I don't know but don't think so. It's just that, I see job posts asking for campaign managers that can design templates with photoshop and so on like that and it just got me wondering. 

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Hi there @Favewriter,

Thanks for posting to the Community! I’ve definitely heard of a few people using Photoshop to make email designs and then using them for Klaviyo. 

You can save the images and jpeg/png and import them into your email template. That would be the best way to do this. 

The best way to get a great (clearer) image uploaded into Klaviyo is upload a larger image that has been resized in order to accommodate Klaviyo’s requirements (Currently less than 5MB in size, ideally 600px in width).
Uploading a large, crisp image into the Library and then resizing it within the template builder should help with the image clarity. Typically, we recommend uploading an image that is 2x the size you need and ensuring that it is crisp before you upload it. This guide touches on that: Managing Images in Klaviyo

What we always recommend is uploading PNG files, since it renders at the best quality. And the maximum filing you should really be using is 1200px in width or height, 72dpi, and under 1-2MB if possible.
You could also try to Insert an Image into a Text Block, the guide for this can be found here.

JPGs: Use these for complex images, photo albums or galleries, and opaque images.

PNGs: These are best used for images with defined lines, photos that require transparency, and whenever you need the highest possible quality.

I also have found an article regarding export settings which might help.


Let me know how this goes!