List of my favorite email template resources

  • 14 July 2022
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List of my favorite email template resources
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Below is a list of my favorite resources for email design and capability tutorials. Feel free to comment and share any of your own favorite resources!

I have a public facing Loom Library of Email Template Design Tutorials 

  1. Getting Started with the Email Editor - Start Here! 
  2. Email Design Academy Course for Beginners - This academy course teaches email design principles all successful marketers should know!
  3. Klaviyo Syntax - Add personalization to emails!
  4. A small library of real Klaviyo customers email designs can be found here (folder linked in document), some examples are pulled into the doc with reasons why this campaign is successful.
  5. You can also check out this webinar recap video here - at around ~2:26:03, the webinar topic is 'Session 3: Designing better emails with Klaviyo'. 


Email Design General Tips & Tricks:

  • In general, more white space, and less content - shorter emails usually have higher click rates 
  • Not too many CTAs, pick one (maybe 2) ideas or products you’re looking to advertise, and focus the email on that - emails with too many CTAs do not get very high click rates (blog on this here and here - external resources but trustworthy).
  • This blog here has a good layout structure info.
  • Use high quality images. More info on images here and here. Images should be PNG and at least 600px wide (preferably 1200px wide, double the email itself width size - but not too much larger than 1200px).
  • Common spam trigger word list - Klaviyo blog - words/subject lines to avoid

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Hi, Anna,

Thank you so much for posting all of these resources. One thing I’m having trouble with is whether image width should be 600 pixels or less, or at least 600 but no more than 1200? I’m seeing conflicting information within your statements and the linked Klaviyo resources on the subject. Thanks for any insight you can provide!