Problem with Product block using Catalog - not showing images on some products

  • 7 April 2021
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The issue I’m having, is for a regular Email template… not any kind of automated flow.

We want to send out a monthly note to our customers, where we can highlight “special” items.

These are different products, and are hand picked, so I am not creating or using any kind of feed.  I’m pulling them directly from the catalog

However, about 25% of the time (and it isn’t always the same item) items are added with no image like below

If I send to a test segment, sometimes the same images are missing… sometimes other images are missing.

When we send to our customers, same results.  Some customers see all images, some don’t see some, etc...

Am I missing something here?

I thought I was keeping this uber simple….  The product Catalog (from what I can tell) is a real time feed from Shopify, so no Import process needed.4

No Table block

No product Feeds

No Flow automation

just a simple Manual email template with manual product selection from catalog.



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6 replies

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Wait…  I thought it might have had to do with changes happening to the item after it was added to template but before it was sent) like a price change or Title changes), as I noticed some examples where the images weren’t showing, and those items had changes.

But I’ve found items that did NOT lose their image but had similar changes, so that’s not likely it.


NOTE: I’m aware of the 0 inventory issue… all of these items have more than enough inventory.

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Hi @CraigWilsonHfx,

Thank you for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community and for your follow-up note.

First of all, the food looks delicious. And with respect to the issue, you are on the right track - in fact if you update the item’s image after it was added to the template, that would cause it to break.

For items like this, the solution is to manually remove the item with the broken image and re-add it.

You can achieve this by first clicking the product block and hovering over the number of the item with the broken image (a little x will appear), click it to remove the item from the feed.

Next, click the + button and re-add the same item (re-adding the item can be done by referencing the name or ID, it is case sensitive) and it should display the item with the new updated image.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Thank yoiu for reply… Greatly appreciate it.

Is it just image updates that cause the image to go blank?  

What about updates to Price, inventory, Description/title?

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Hi @CraigWilsonHfx,

Thank for your reply.

Typically, yes. However, to be more specific, ultimately updates to the image link would cause the image to break. In the vast majority of cases, this will be due to an image change.

However, it may be possible that the image link can be updated within Shopify when another change is made, such as an item name is updated. I have not seen this in my experience but you may want to confirm with Shopify if it’s possible for a change in name (or another field) to ultimately impact the image URL. So other changes may have the potential to impact the image URL. 

Regardless, you are taking the right steps by sending a preview beforehand, double-check the images and update within the Klaviyo template as needed to ensure the email sends as intended.

Thanks and have a great day!

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We are having the same issue. And I have removed the item with the broken link as you previously recommended, and am still having this issues.

We, however, do not use Shopify but Americommerce

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Hello @JamieMcarbo,

When manually selecting the + icon to select your product you want to add from the catalog, can you let us know if you are seeing a “not published” message next to the last updated timestamp or if the thumbnails you are seeing have an actual image?

If you are seeing a “not published” message next to the last updated timestamp, it would be expected behavior that Klaviyo would not display an image for that product within your email. Klaviyo will automatically consider these products as “not published” if these products truly are not published within your catalog or if Klaviyo does not recognize that there is any stock available for the product within your catalog backend. In which case, the way to resolve this would be to either publish this product within your catalog backend or to ensure you have stock of this product. 

In the event you are not seeing a thumbnail image when selecting your products, this would indicate that a product image is not properly being referenced and shared to Klaviyo. To resolve this, I would recommend double checking your catalog backend to ensure that an accessible image is being supplied to Klaviyo as part of your catalog feed. 

After taking either one of these actions, I would also recommend deleting the existing product block from your email and adding in and customizing a new product block to ensure the new settings and catalog feed settings are being accessed and recognized by Klaviyo. 

I hope this helps!