Why Aren't Photos Populating in Product Feed?

  • 25 November 2020
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Hi there!!

I’m a new installer and I’m meeting some problem during inserting products. Don’t know why but the image products didn’t display on the email template. To make things easier, I have attached the picture that indicates clearly the problem I’ve struggled with. Besides, I also tried to select from Catalog but just a few collection showed up. I can’t pick the products I want to promote for some unknown reason. Could anybody give me some helpful advice, and let me know that way to fix it, please? 

Hope to hear from you. Thanks for your help 



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4 replies

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Hi @tien nguyen , 

Thanks so much for sharing this in the Community! 

Would you mind letting me know what eCommerce integration you are using within your account? Additionally this article details all the capabilities of product feeds within our email templates. 



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@tien nguyen I just wanted to follow up on this add some additional context to @k.mcevoy’s point: 

Klaviyo pulls images into your Product Block through the catalog that you have synced through your eCommerce integration. It’s possible that if you aren’t seeing the product that you wanted to promote in your email, it could be that your products weren’t pulling into the catalog because they weren’t publish to your site first. If the products that are being pulled into your catalog aren't published to your site, Klaviyo is unable to pull in images associated with those products. For more details on how to upload Product Feeds and best practices to follow, I recommend reviewing this article




I have the same problem and the products are activated and available in my store. But in the email template it says that the photos are missing.

I wrote a ticket to KLAVIYO but they have not given me an answer or a solution.

Please help me fix it.



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Thanks for contributing to this thread - apologies that we hadn’t seen it earlier here. 

It’s interesting that your items are published and available in your store, but you’re not able to see them populate in your template. The Community forum isn’t monitored by Klaviyo Support, but perhaps other business owners/partners might have some ideas or experiences to share. 

A few things that I would recommend checking in this instance: 

  • Do you have inventory tracking in your shop on Shopify? 
  • Have you set your product quantities? Shopify will automatically flag a product that has less than 1 for their quantity as “unpublished” by default.
  • When pulling from a product feed, do you see items populate in your catalog that correspond to the product feed list? If not, you may need to resync your catalog, or add to it, to ensure there are products that match.