Checkbox Appears on Woocommerce Checkout Page after Klaviyo Plugin

  • 28 January 2021
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We integrated our Woocommerce website with Klaviyo today and we noticed a checkbox appeared on the checkout page as soon as we activated the Klaviyo plugin on Wordpress. It’s just a checkbox underneath the email field and with the words “(optional)” next to it.

Any ideas how to remove this? I’m guessing it’s meant to be the Newsletter signup but then I’m not sure where to go to customise the text or to remove the option entirely.

I’d appreciate any help!



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I just found where to add the copy for the checkbox. Is it possible to remove this option and directly subscribe each person who places an order? TIA

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@wlondon13 - You can disable the option for the checkbox in your Integrations → Woocommerce Settings like this:

If you do decide to do this, just note that all customers’ email will still get passed into Klaviyo as a profile.  However, they are not technically “Subscribed” to any List (for marketing purposes). You can still build Segments for Campaigns or send emails from Flows if they are transactional in nature and not marketing related.

Generally, you should always inform customers (and give them option) to opt-in into marketing emails if you intend on sending them marketing related emails.  It’s not only the right thing to do, but it can impact your performance and deliverability if people start marking your emails as Spam with their inbox provider. Over time, your deliverability will suffer and your email engagement rate will drop.

And, depending on your region or local laws, it may be legally required. For example, the CAN-SPAM ACT (in the United States) and GDPR in the European Union both require subscribers’ consent for marketing emails.  

Hope this helps!


Hi Joseph,

Many thanks! Really helpful indeed.



Can we remove the text “(optional)” though? It’s obvious it’s not a compulsory checkbox.


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@wlondon13 In order to remove the “optional” setting, you would follow the steps @retention outlined above.

Perhaps you can take a screenshot to illustrate your point further if folks on the Community aren’t really understanding the challenge you’re having, but the option to remove the checkbox/”optional” text, would be to disable the checkbox in the integration settings. 



@cassy.lee can that checkbox always checked? Just like on shopify. Currently it is unchecked, and most customers are not checking it anyway.


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Hi @travisl1212


Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! 


The option of keeping your ‘Add me to Your Newsletter’ box always checked will depend on the particular website you are using. As this is not a Klaviyo feature, I would recommend navigating your website store’s settings and investigating what it permits you to do or not do. You’re right, Shopify allows you the option to always keep the ‘Add me to your Newsletter’ box checked unless someone manually unchecks it. For instance, it appears that Woocomerce does give you the option to leave the default subscription box checked at checkout.


However, I would caution you that not all customers might want to be automatically added to your Newsletter, so I would enable a Double Opt-In setting for your Newsletter so customers are communicating they want to hear from you if they confirm their subscription. This will ensure your  Deliverability Rates remain high and don’t go to spam later. Additionally, if you are based in or sending to customers in the EU, this could go against GDPR Compliance Standards. 


Thanks for sharing your question in the Community! 



@Taylor Tarpley 


I am using Woocommerce, and klaviyo plugin from repository. There is no option in there that says “checkbox is always checked”


Do I need to buy that plugin that you linked? Is the plugin from repository not enough?


Appreciate all the help!

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Hi @travisl1212


The link I added in the previous response was alluding to Woocomerce’s documentation about the option to leave the default subscription box checked at checkout, not a plugin. Unfortunately, upon further investigation, Klaviyo’s WooCommerce plugin actually does not natively allow for the opt-in box to be checked by default. The reason for this is to prevent the accumulation of passive subscribers who might be more likely to unsubscribe or mark as spam (negatively impacting your deliverability) as previously mentioned. 


While you could implement this without a Klaviyo plugin, I can't advise what type of code changes that would entail. However, I know we've had customers in the past use the Woofunnels plugin to accomplish it.


I wonder if any users would share their workflow with the Community if they’ve accomplished this in their Woocomerce account? 





@Taylor Tarpley 


Copy on that. I hope others who are using woocommerce would help :)

Thanks again!