Fire custom webhook when user unsubscribes?

  • 4 February 2022
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How do I add a custom webhook endpoint for Klaviyo to call when a user unsubscribes for a list? Does this exists? It’s a must have feature of an email provider. If this isnt available how else can I keep subscription statuses synced with my application database?


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3 replies

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Hi @sylvie


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Yes, you can use achieve what you’re looking to do by using the  GET api/v1/people/exclusions endpoint to retrieve global suppressions. You will then know who is unsubscribed and anyone who’s not included in that call would be subscribed. I would recommend checking out this very helpful topic posted by a peer in the Community about the same topic! 


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This is a solution but requires a regular cron job and a fair amount of processing on our own servers to iterate through the returned data, executing an unsubscribe action on each result.

Please could I raise a feature request for a more traditional webhook solution that just calls a URL when someone either a) unsubscribes or b) subscribes? That way I will know that my own systems are *always* in sync with Klaviyo.

It’s important because people who are subscribed to our mailing list get a reduced shipping rate and some other benefits when they purchase. If they’ve subbed via klaviyo and then order before a sync has occurred, we’ll end up billing them wrongly.

I would echo @dartacus - I’m really surprised this isn’t a thing, don’t really want to have to hit that end point continually.