How do you add an image and make it visible in the feed preview?

  • 27 September 2022
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Hello everyone, I just received this email and was curious how emails can add images of products to the email feed. 




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5 replies

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@Broderickash companies are using Annotations to have this show up in Google Promotions email here are some examples on how to achieve this and other things:

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Interesting you ask, @Broderickash, I saw this for the first time the other day in my inbox!  Funny enough it was on my own campaign email (burner email to see what a customer would see).

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I’ve found another forum, listed here, and it continues the struggle of adding script into the email to and have it appear as 


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So, unless you are building your emails from scratch with HTML builder, you can’t use this option, correct? 

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Hi @Anna Orishchenko,


This is not a native function of Klaviyo, so you would have to implement a custom solution like the one’s mentioned above. I’m also curious if anyone else has found another way, so thanks for stirring up this thread!