Klaviyo and Woocommerce

  • 5 September 2023
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I am wondering if Woocommerce and Klaviyo play well together? Meaning once integrated are there any issues? I don’t want to steer my client in the wrong direction if the two don’t work well together. I’d love your insights. 

Thank you! 


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Hi @itdebJ

My experience, that for the majority of WooCommerce merchants, the integration is great and constantly improving with new functionality.   Klaviyo natively supports the WooCommerce integration and is developed by Klaviyo so for the majority of folks using WooCommerce as it is intended, it should work out of the box.  I’m sure you saw this, but this outlines all the data of the integration here:

There are some edge cases where some plugins/extension, or heavily modified, hacked, or customized WooCommerce/Wordpress sites don’t work - but in those situations there is usually a development group internally that is available and use leverage the Klaviyo API.  You normally wouldn’t have a heavily modified/customized WooCommerce unless you had a developer doing it…  

A few other resources that might help you evaluate:

Hope that helps!



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Wonderful. Thank you so much for the validation :) That makes me feel much more at ease.