Klaviyo Is Not Picking Up Users When They Start Checkout


Hi there, 

I manage two ecommerce websites, both with Klaviyo but implemented by different people at different times. 

On Site A, Klaviyo appears to create an active profile for every user that begins the checkout process. As a result approx 85% of all orders placed appear in the Placed Order metric (allowing for cookie acceptance, this is fine to me) 


On Site B, Klaviyo doesn’t seem to create any active profiles for users starting the checkout process. As a result, only approx 20% of all orders placed appear in the Placed Order metric. 


Could anyone guide me on why this would be happen so I can help to advice developers. 


Many thanks


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Hey @CiaranDel,

Thanks for your question.

For Site B, it sounds like the missing profiles might be due to incorrect integration or missing tracking scripts. You can start by checking to ensure that Klaviyo is properly integrated with your checkout process on Site B. Klaviyo has a setup guide to confirm all tracking scripts are in place here.

Another potential solution would be to make sure web tracking is enabled on Site B. This allows Klaviyo to track user behavior, including starting checkout. You can find instructions here.

Finally, you could check if there's a difference in how checkout events are tracked by looking at the integration settings on both sites. This guide might help: Klaviyo Integration Guide (Based on the Klaviyo retiring V1/V2 API’s).

Hope this helps:)


Many thanks @eCom2Win_Marketing - will check this out and pass on to my devs.