Build segment for customers who had a specific SKU refunded?

  • 8 March 2024
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Can I build a segment to pull shoppers that have received a refund on a specific SKU? Please advise! Thanks for reading!


Best answer by Adam Ragsdale 9 March 2024, 01:45

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Hi @michnads - thanks for asking your question in the Klaviyo Community! 

I believe we should be able to find a way to build this segment. I’m happy to help you try! 

Can you please provide some additional details? 

  1. What ecommerce integration are you using? 
  2. Are there any event(s) that are triggered when a customer receives a refund? (e.g. is there a transactional email that is sent to a profile when a refund is processed?)

If there is no event that is triggered for a refund, then worst-case should be able to export a contact list from your ecommerce platform and import it into Klaviyo with a custom profile property. Then you can build a segment based on that custom profile property in Klaviyo. 


Hope that helps! If you’re able to share any unique event that is triggered by the refund, we can continue investigating segment building options for this use case. Thanks! 

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Thanks @Adam Ragsdale. This particular transactional refund message is triggered in Shopify (as Klaviyo can’t do “partial refund” messages as well as Shopify can, so it’s hard to tie that back into Klaviyo. 

I exported the list from Shopify and created a list in Klaviyo of these shoppers. A bit manual, but it worked fine. Fortunately this shouldn’t be a regular thing, so I think the quick solve worked. Thanks!

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Great, I’m glad that worked for you, @michnads!

Please reach out if we can help further.