Delete (shopify) order history from a profile

  • 14 October 2022
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I have a few customer profiles in Klaviyo with some order details that I would like to be changed. These order details are mainly build up through testing the Shopify shop before we went live. Ideally I would like to delete the order details for a group of specific customers (test group) and keep their profiles.

I tried to delete the customer in Shopify to see if this would affect the order history in Klaviyo, but it seems to have no effect.

Probably my line of thinking is not how it should, so please advise what you’d do.

What happens when I delete these profiles from Klaviyo and when they return as customers? What does this do with the historic order details?

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Hi there @wouter


Always happy to help! Hope you’re doing well!


Unfortunately, due to the way our data model works its not possible to delete specific metrics for a specific profile. However, as these are test profiles, what you could do is delete the profile itself from your Klaviyo account, which will remove any and all metric data associated with it. Then recreate the profile by taking a certain action as needed for further testing. The profile will be recreated in Klaviyo, but it will be wiped of its history. 

To delete the profile you can navigate to the profile in your account, scroll down to the bottom right and select 'Delete Profile'

Hope this helps!