Email subscribers dont match Klaviyo and Shopify

  • 12 February 2024
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Hi, I have synced my Shopify and Klaviyo multiple times and the number of subscribers still don't match, has anyone had an issue like this before? 



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Hi Erks,

Syncing issues between Shopify and Klaviyo, where the number of subscribers doesn't match, are not uncommon, and several factors could contribute to this discrepancy. Here are some potential reasons and steps to address the issue:

  1. Delayed Syncing:

    • It's not uncommon for there to be a delay between a subscriber being added to Shopify and that information being reflected in Klaviyo. Allow some time for the sync to catch up.
  2. Different Opt-In Methods:

    • Ensure that subscribers are opting in through the same method on both platforms. For instance, if one platform is using double opt-in and the other isn't, it could result in different subscriber counts.
  3. Unsubscribed or Deleted Subscribers:

    • Check for unsubscribed or deleted subscribers. If a subscriber has opted out on one platform but not the other, it can lead to a mismatch.
  4. Multiple Stores or Environments:

    • If you have multiple Shopify stores or environments (like a development store), make sure you are checking the subscriber counts for the correct store.
  5. Sync Settings:

    • Review and verify the sync settings in both Shopify and Klaviyo. Ensure that the sync frequency and settings are configured correctly.
  6. API Rate Limits:

    • Check for any API rate limits that might be affecting the syncing process. If the limit is reached, it could cause delays in updating subscriber counts.
  7. Check Historical Data:

    • Review historical data to see when the discrepancy started. This might give you clues about any specific events or changes that triggered the issue.
  8. Contact Klaviyo and Shopify Support:

    • If the issue persists and you've checked all the settings, consider reaching out to both Klaviyo and Shopify support. They can provide insights and may identify specific issues with the integration.
  9. Reauthorize Integration:

    • Reauthorize the integration between Shopify and Klaviyo. Sometimes, re-establishing the connection can resolve syncing issues.
  10. Data Cleanup:

    • Perform data cleanup in both Klaviyo and Shopify. Remove any duplicates or outdated records that might be affecting the counts.
  11. Integration App Version:

    • Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Klaviyo app for Shopify. Updates to the app may include bug fixes that could impact syncing.
  12. Manual Additions:

    • Check for any manually added subscribers in either Klaviyo or Shopify. Manually added subscribers might not be accounted for in both systems.

By carefully investigating these factors, you should be able to identify and resolve the subscriber count mismatch between Shopify and Klaviyo.

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Hey @Erks! @Lanresdev has some great points above. However, the most common reasons for this is usually one of two things:

  1. Your Newsletter list has double opt-in enabled and your customers did not confirm their subscription. If a customer subscribes via a Shopify form but doesn't confirm the subscription a profile will be created in both Shopify and in Klaviyo but they will not be added to your list. 
  2. There were existing subscribers in Shopify when you first integrated with Klaviyo. These profiles will not always sync to your Klaviyo list, but you can import them with as CSV file.


If you give us more info on how your integration is set up and how your subscribers are added to your list we can troubleshoot further!